Monoi Tiki Tahiti


Included with the original Monoi Tiki Tahiti are several additional Tahitian fragrances.

Tiki Tiare oil
Coconut Oil
Santal Oil
Ylang Oil


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Monoi Tiki Tahiti is a French-Tahitian cosmetic oil consisting of pure coconut oil and the fragrance of tiare, the Tahitian Gardenia.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti


Monoi soaps will capture your imagination and transport you through fragrances to the beautiful islands of Tahiti.

The Original Monoi oil since 1942


Famous in Europe.
Found in the U.S. primarily in health food stores,
on the West Coast, and in stores throughout Hawaii.

We are the U.S. importers of the “original” Monoi Tiki Tahiti line of monoi coconut oils and soaps made commercially by Parfumerie Tiki since 1942.

Hawaiian Resources Co., Ltd.

This beauty secret of Tahiti is now available worldwide. For centuries, the beautiful women of Polynesia have used Monoi oil (moh-NOY) to moisturize and condition their skin and hair.

Unlike other coconut oil products, Monoi Tiki Tahiti is a unique blend of coconut oil that is of coral atoll origin, refined to a cosmetic grade, plus the natural essence of tiare flowers (Tahitian gardenia). No preservatives, emulsifiers or animal products are added.

Only genuine Monoi oil is manufactured in Tahiti from pure Tahitian coconut oil and Tiare flowers. Accept no substitute: look for the official Appellation d’Origine on every Monoi product. It is your assurance that you are using genuine Monoi oil and Monoi soap from Tahiti.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti


Centuries ago the people of Polynesia discovered that pure coconut oil is an essential secret for beautiful skin and hair.


Coconut oil is a natural replacement for your body’s skin and hair oils.


Palm oil, used only in soap, is a natural source of vitamins A, C, and E with antioxidant properties.


Flowers provide a natural source that adds a fragrance to soaps and oils.