A Timeless Beauty Product

Since the official discovery of the Polynesian islands by the XVIIIe Century Europeans navigators who, against their wishes or not, returned to the smoke-filled taverns of London rich with fantastic tales of lost paradise and heavenly creatures with exquisite figures, the beauty of the Tahitian women has never ceased to fascinate just about every mortal man or woman who has since set foot on the French Polynesian islands.

A source of constant inspiration, their legendary beauty has been sang throughout the ages and no means of expression has been spared to pay homage to these exotic creatures which only the breathtaking beauty of the Polynesian islands can even slightly compare. Whether it is a world-renowned painter like the grand master Gauguin himself or a famous writer looking for peace and calm, a poet longing for inspiration or even a simple tourist in search of a dream, all have equally succumbed to the legendary charms of the Vahines’ magnificent long silky hair and to the beautifully soft hazelnut skin.

For generations, forever, the secret of beautiful Tahitian women has always been the same. the MONOI de TAHITI. A completely natural product with legendary virtues, the MONOI de TAHITI has endured the test of centuries without losing any of its unique qualities. Today, more than ever, it is an exceptional cosmetic and an ideal skin and hair care cosmetic. A naturally multi-purpose product and unmatched moisturizer, the MONOI de TAHITI deserves its rightful place in any modern-day bathroom next to other famous popular brand-names.

Today, if thee MONOI de TAHITI are still produced according to the same Polynesian ancestral ways to protect its authenticity, it is nonetheless monitored by modern tests and packed with sate-of the-art methods to satisfy an increasingly demanding international cosmetic market.

The MONOI de TAHITI is sold in different forms which underline its natural versatility and promote its exceptional properties: natural liquid moisturizer, body soap, mild shampoo, shower gel, rich moisturizing cream, soothing balm and even sun tanning products!

Most secure form a long-standing legendary reputation, the MONOI de TAHITI is sold throughout the world where it is finally enjoying a well deserved popularity and gaining a little more of the international market every year.