Appellation of Origin

Throughout centuries, MONOI has played an important role in the Polynesian way of life, whether during ancestral rites, in traditional medicine, local pharmacopoeia or in their personal care. Today, MONOI is still regarded as one of the main pillars of the rich Polynesian culture.

The exceptional properties of the MONOI de TAHITI and its unique virtues were officially recognized b an “Appellation of Origin” Guarantee of Origin – which the French government voted and passed through a decree dated April 1st, 1992 (decreeN 92-340 1992), after several months of arduous lobbing by the Association of the Monoi Manufacturers of Tahiti. This appellation d’origine is a first for a cosmetic product.

In the French culture, an “appellation d’origine” is granted to only the finest products and that designation is traditionally known all over the world as the guarantee of a superior product. The appellation d’origine is also the recognition of a unique local know-how combined with the special qualities and characteristics of a regional soil.

Until only very recently solely 10% of the MONOI de TAHITI sold in France came from Polynesia because of widespread counterfeiting, the unfortunate price paid for the MONOI’s immense popularity since the 70’s. As a result, it became imperative to take strong measures to protect the authenticity of a unique product with legendary properties such as the MONOI de TAHITI and regain the confidence of consumers who are still fraudulently deceived by products pretending to possess the unique characteristics of the MONOI de TAHITI and the qualities imposed by the rigorous standards of the appellation of origin.

Despite the Appellation d’Origine and all the measures taken by the French Ministry of Frauds, the Monoi de Tahiti remains one of the most copied cosmetic products on the market today. To help further remedy the situation, a logo with the Tiare flower, emblem of Tahiti and key ingredient in the MONOI de TAHITI, was designed and placed on every bottle of Monoi or the other Monoi products made with the genuine MONOI de TAHITI. That logo alone is a guarantee of authenticity as well as an assurance of superior quality.