Monoi Soaps

Monoi soaps will capture your imagination and transport you through fragrances to the beautiful islands of Tahiti.

Monoi Tiki Soap is special. The primary ingredient is the refined and fragranced Monoi coconut oil from Parfumerie Tiki. The soap comes as a 130-gram bar in a color-coded box to show the fragrance of Monoi that was used in its manufacturing. Choose from the six exotic Monoi fragrances or the naturally healing Monoi Tiare with Tamanu soap. Made with only plant materials, this all-natural Tahitian Monoi Tiki soap contains no preservatives, no synthetic detergents and no animal products. More than just a body cleansing soap, this Monoi infused French milled bar is great for moisturizing and can be used on sensitive skin. This product is a derivative of an ancient Polynesian beauty secret, known as monoi, that has been manufactured commercially by Parfumerie Tiki since 1942. Treat yourself to this unique Tahitian luxury and discover the Monoi Tiki collection of Monoi Oil Soaps.

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