Monoi Pitate 4 oz.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti

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Product Description

The Pitate flower is Tahitian Jasmine. Known as Pikake in Hawaiian, a lei made of Pitate is the most wonderfully fragrant of all flower lei made anywhere in Polynesia. The Pitate flower is a small ivory petaled round flower, the size of a large pearl, that is highly fragrant, powerful and evocative.

Created in the 1970’s, Pitate is the STRONGEST of the Monoi fragrances without being overpowering. Its exotic smell will feel like a perfume to the wearer.

Supremely sensual, exotic, intoxicating and rich, wear at your own risk.

The dried Tiare flower in this bottle is a trademark of Parfumerie Tike and is there to show that this product is the real monoi. 



  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Width: 2.5 in
  • Depth: 1 in
  • Height: 5.5 in

4 reviews


Posted by Jodi on July 14, 2020

I love how this oil never leaves me feeling greasy. It absorbs better than most coconut oil and it far less drying. The scent lingers and wearing it everyday makes me feel like I just stepped off the boat.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti

Posted by ALE08 on June 22, 2020

First time buying this scent but have been using the Tiare for almost 5 years now. Love them both – excellent product quality and excellent price – never change please!


Posted by Melissa on June 15, 2020

I love how moisturizing the oil is and not greasy at all. I also love the scent, it is mild and it does not last long but lovely never the less. I use it in my hair and on my skin. Will order again.

Love it

Posted by on May 25, 2020

Smells absolutely amazing. Not greasy and makes my skin glow. I wear this everyday