Monoi Tiki Tahiti - Santal 4 oz.

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The exotic aroma of sandalwood has captivated perfume lovers for centuries. Warm and woody, the fragrance has a special appeal to men and the women who love them. Sandalwood aroma is non-floral. It is considered to be a unisex fragrance. Men are attracted to this monoi.
Created as a new monoi fragrance in the 1970's, Sandal or Sandalwood is indigenous to Tahiti. This is a rare fragrance both in French Polynesia and around the world. Sandal is the only Monoi Tiki fragrance, other than the coconut fragrance itself, that is not derived from a flower. 
The dried tiare flower in this bottle is a trade mark of Parfumerie Tiki and is there to show that this product is the real monoi.

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