Monoi Tiki Tahiti - Rouge 4 oz.

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Monoi Rouge, or the Red Monoi, is one of the two original monoi oils that have been manufactured commercially by Parfumerie Tiki since 1942.

Monoi Rouge is the same Monoi Tiare Tahiti as the original oil except that the element iodine is added to the finished oil. Iodine will pigment your skin.

This oil is used to enhance a dark tan. This version of Monoi is used only for tanning. Be sure that you have a base tan and that your skin can handle incense sun exposure as the use of monoi for tanning can also cause a severe sunburn. Know your skin's ability to tolerate the sun.

Be aware that iodine will also pigment or stain a bathing suit, a beach towel and your hair. Use it carefully.

The dried Tiare flower in this bottle is a trademark of Parfumerie Tiki and is there to show that this product is the real Monoi.

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