Appellation d' Origine (A.O.)

MONOI, a unique 2000 year-old natural product is the victim of its growing fame. Actually many people are jealous about it and fraudulent copies of patents are getting more and more numerous world-wide. In order to struggle against this problem and officially recognize its proprieties, Monoï de Tahiti® is now protected by an Appellation d'Origine - Guarantee of Origin - from the French Government (Decree n°92-340 of April 1, 1992 and published in the French Republic Official Gazette on April 2, 1992). This prestigious award is a first for a cosmetic product in France and represents the recognition of a unique local know-how combined with the special qualities and characteristics of the Polynesian soil. Monoi oil is simply coconut oil refined to a cosmetic grade with a parfum fragrance extracted naturally from tropical flowers. This oil is the closest oil in nature to the oils found in your scalp and skin. Storage conditions

Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) must be stored in drums with a food-suitable liner or material. Drums must be lead-sealed when they leave Tahiti.
Keep away from humidity, light and source of heat.

Administrative and legal position

Product made in accordance with decree n°350/CM of April 7, 1988 and 294/CM of March 12, 1991 and 92-340 of April 1, 1992 in application of the amended Act of August 1, on product and service control.


" Trade name: Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.)
" INCI name: Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil (and) Tiare (Gardenia tahitensis) flower
" Europe INCI name: Cocos nucifera; Gardenia tahitensis
" Customs reference: 15-13-19-99
" CAS N°: 8001-31-8
" EINECS N°:232-282-8
" CIR: 010
" SP: 8.10
" Customs tariff: 1513.

The use of Monoï de Tahiti® denomination is strictly regulated and subject to the following conditions:

1. For products containing several types of vegetable oils, the quantity of original Monoï de Tahiti bearing the original brand name shall be at least 30% of the total amount of oils.

2. The actual quantity of Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) in derived products shall comply with the following mass ratios:

Produits Proportion
Monoï de Tahiti(r) (A.O.) 90 %
Oil containing Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) 50 %
Bar soaps containing Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) 30 %
Products for bath and shower containing Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) 0.3 %
Other products containing Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) 1 %

Technical Data
Organoleptic data

" Colour: pale yellow
" Odour: sweet particular scent
" Appearance: transparent liquid which solidifies below 24°C

Chemical data

" 90% saturated fatty acids (coconut oil)
" 9% unsaturated fatty acids
" lipophilic substances of Gardenia tahitensis
" Average saturated fatty acid rates (%):

C6 0.6
C8 8.5
C10 8.0
C12 44
C14 16
C16 9.5
C18 3.0
Oleic acid 6.5
Linoleic acid 1.6

Physical data

Gravity : 0.915 + 0.005
Density at 25°C : 0.910 - 0.920
Solubility Insoluble in water
Soluble in oil
Melting point 24°C
Turbidity point 18°C
Liquefaction point 24°C - 26°C
Saponification point 15°C - 20°C
Acid value 5 mg KOH/g
Saponification value 260 ± 20 mg KOH/g
Peroxide value 10 meg oxy/kg
Refractive index 1.445 - 1.450

Microbiological data

" Aerobic germs <100/g
" Anaerobic germs <10/g


" This product does not ignite spontaneously
" Stable product
" No particular protection required for employees

Biological Analysis
Laboratory tests on Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.)

Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) falls within the category of raw cosmetic products of natural origin without any usage restriction or contra-indication.

The tests were carried out in Biogir laboratory in Cestas (February 1993) on:
- Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) + BHA
- Monoï de Tahiti® (A.O.) + tocopherol

* Ocular irritation factor & primary cutaneous irritation factor
Tests carried out using fibroblaste culture and reconstituted human epidermis
Ocular irritation factor: 7.3 (low)
Cutaneous irritation factor: 0.5 (very low)

* Toxicity
Tests carried out using a single application on volunteers
No toxicity if ingested

* Hypoallergenic factor
Tests carried out using a single application on volunteers
not hypoallergenic

* Long and short-term cutaneous moisturizing factor
Corneometric and dehydration (loss of water) measurement on volunteers
Moisturizing factor: 10%


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